Token Migration June 25th

Exchanges supporting TRX migration

Here are the exchanges and wallets supporting the token migration as of June 20: (in alphabetical order)

1 Binance
2 Bitbns
3 Bitfinex
4 Bitforex
5 Bithumb
7 Bitpie
8 Bittrex
9 Bit-Z
10 Bixin
11 Bi
12 CEO
14 Cobo
15 CoinEgg
16 CoinEx
17 Coinnest
18 Coinoah
19 CoinTiger
20 Crex24
21 Cryptopia
22 DragonEX
24 HPX
25 Huobi
26 Indodax
27 Koinex
28 Lbank
29 Liqui
30 Livecoin
31 Max Exchange
32 Mercatox
33 OkCoin-kr
34 OKEx
36 Upbit
37 Zebpay

(This list will be updated as needed)

TRX withdrawals will be suspended

From June 21 to June 25, TRON’s ERC20, TRON’s official token, will be migrated to a TRON mainnet token.

TRX withdraw will be suspended from June 21–24, deposit and withdraw of TRX will be suspended on June 25, deposit and withdraw of TRX will be recovered from June 26. No transaction will be affected during the migration.

Guide to Independence: TRX Token Migration

The TRON Foundation’s Token Migration is right around the corner! We would like to remind everyone of some important dates, processes and information that will be helpful during this transition. To ensure that everyone is informed, we have outlined some useful information below.

Currently, the tokens TRX supporters hold are ERC20 tokens, that were created on the Ethereum network.

These tokens played a pivotal role in the early days of TRON, but as we move to our independent mainnet, these tokens will no longer be compatible with our platform.

We will be migrating from the ERC20 to the TRON20 standard, a native coin for the Tron Mainnet. Tron holders will be able to swap their ERC20 TRX for the TRON20 at any of the participating exchanges.

This will be a 1:1 swap, which will not impact any TRON supporter’s balance. What you put on the exchange for the migration is what you will have after it is completed.

As of now, there are already 30 exchanges that will be supporting the TRX token migration that will happen on June 24th at 0:00AM (GMT +8). Each exchange will offer their own timelines as to when they will no longer accept deposits for the June 24th token swap, so be sure to check with your appropriate exchange on the deadline for TRX token deposits.

To ensure your tokens are on the exchange in time for the migration, we recommend you move them as soon as possible.

On June 24th at 0:00AM (GMT+8) the exchanges will begin the snapshots of the token balance and both deposits and withdrawals with be suspended until the process is complete. On June 26th (GMT+8) deposits and withdrawals will resume. While the tokens are on the exchanges, TRX trading will not be affected.

If you are not able to get your tokens onto an exchange before the June 24th migration, Binance will continue to offer an ongoing coin swap for TRX tokens. At any time, just transfer your ERC20 TRON tokens to Binance and they will complete the process. As of now, Binance is the only exchange that is offering this service to TRON holders.

Once the token swap is complete, you may keep your new TRX coins on the exchange, move them to the TRON Wallet, or to any device you are using to store your token.

Please remember that in order to vote in the TRON Super Representative Election, you must move your new TRX coins to the TRON Wallet and use them as TRON Power to vote. The step by step process for this can be found here.

Please note that once the swap has completed, your Tron coins will no longer be ERC20 compatible. If you try to move them to an ERC20 wallet, you may lose your TRON coins. They must stay on the exchange or be moved to a TRON20 compatible wallet.

If you are unable to withdraw funds in time, you may contact the TRON token holder support to submit a request for withdrawal. This support system will be available until December 31, 2018 Singapore time.

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