TRON (TRX) price and ranking rise with more developments and partnerships on the way

The cryptocurrency world is always abuzz with news and information about upcoming developments. However, one of the recent and most exciting stories to be top of mind among many crypto enthusiasts is the developments with Tron (TRX). Although the TRX token has had a resistance in price that dangled around the $0.03 mark to the $0.04 since the beginning of the year, the ERC20 token that is set to break off from Ethereum’s Blockchain to its own Mainnet is on the verge of another rise.

TRX breaks resistance to join the top ten coins

Just recently, holders of TRX were excited to see the coin’s rankings on CoinMarketCap spike past the tenth position to settle at number nine.  Data from CoinMarketCap indicates a steady rise in the TRX price to its current rate of $0.098. In fact, as soon as the TRX joined the top ten league, Justin Sun (Tron’s CEO) responded (almost immediately) with a tweet that said,

$TRX just broke into the top 9 on Coinmarketcap! Keep calm and#HODL #TRON!

The TRON (TRX) roadmap and future partnerships

With a detailed roadmap set for Tron throughout the rest of the year, the TRON team is bound to have an even more exciting journey. TRX holders wait with anxiety for a variety of developments including TRON’s super representative election that is set to be held on June 26th, a token wallet launch and other events including:

  • An onchain governance and resource allocation system
  • Launch of the proof of stake concept with Odyssey 2.0
  • The launch of a token centric browser

During Tron’s launch of the Mainnet (a migration of Tron from Ethereum’s Blockchain to its own stand-alone Blockchain) Tron’s CEO was grateful for the support the TRX community had shown towards the company. Even with the Tron’s Mainnet set to go live on June 21st, Sun promised TRX holders that their tokens will be safe even after the migration.

However, notwithstanding a good number of developments along the way, the TRX community is still anxiously waiting for a partnership announcement between Alibaba and TRON considering Sun’s achievements and relationship with Jack Ma of the Alibaba group.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Tron Migration Instructions


The Bit-Z announcement stated that the migration from ERC20 tokens to TRX, the cryptocurrency on Tron’s public blockchain will begin on 2018, June 21 (UTC/GMT+08:00)., the ERC20 token will no longer be tradable and Bit-Z will be supporting TRX transactions on the main net. You needn’t to do anything else to obtain the tron assets of the main network from Bit-Z after the tron main net line. The TRON main net will be launched on May 31st, 2018, and Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON, said in periscope that TRX’s migration will be carried out steadily and securely, there is no need for excessive operations. The migration will be completed in the Exchange.


It is reported, TRON will launch virtual machine on May 25, mainnet on May 31, token migration on June 21 and the first 27 super representative elections on June 26. With this date approaching, today,, one of the superior digital asset trading platforms, announced that it would support the TRON blockchain upgrade and token migration. By then, investors only need to deposit TRX’s ERC-20 tokens to and will receive the equivalent TRX token. is operated by Gate Technology Inc. It is dedicated to security and your experience, offering you not only a secure, simple and fair Bitcoin exchange but also promising to safeguard your asset and trading information. Since its inception from 2013, it has provided hundreds of high-quality blockchain products and trading services for millions of users from more than 130 countries around the world.


According to the plan, TRON will launch TVM(TRON virtual machine) on May 25, mainnet on May 31, token migration on June 21 and the first 27 super representative elections on June 26. With this date approaching. Today, Bibox, one of the top quality digital asset trading platforms, announced that it would support the TRON token migration. By then, investors will only need to deposit TRX’s ERC-20 token into Bibox. You can get the equivalent TRX token and don’t need to do anything. Bibox is a leading high-quality digital asset exchange platform. It has innovatively stabilized transactions and simplified operations by introducing for the first time the AI technology to digital asset exchange and is thus recognized as the first artificial intelligence platform for digital asset exchange.


On June 21st, 2018, we will see the migration of ERC20 Tron (TRX) tokens to the public TRX blockchain, as the TRON team launches their MainNet blockchain. This ERC20 token migration will begin on June 21st, 2018 (UTC/GMT+08:00).

Between June 21st and June 24th, all TRX withdrawals will be suspended from Bitfinex. Deposits and withdraws will be suspended on June 25th and will resume on June 26th. TRX trading will not be affected by this.

Bitfinex will provide full support for all TRX token holders and any tasks associated with the TRX migration will be handled automatically by the Bitfinex team to ensure a smooth migration. All users will receive TRX tokens in equal proportion to their ERC20 TRX holdings.

For further information or support, please visit, or reach out to

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